Chemical Resistant Resinous Flooring Installed at an international shipping company

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We were recently contracted to install a floor in a battery charging area at a large international shipping company. The system installed needed to be resistant to acid from the batteries as well as durable to hold up to the heavy fork lift traffic. 

We suggested Key Resin Company's Key Contain SL. Key Contain SL is a 1/16" self leveling epoxy slurry which is sealed with Key #633 Novolac Epoxy, which is highly chemically resistant.

Key Contain SL

Key Contain SL

We started by preparing the floor by shot blasting and diamond grinding. After thoroughly cleaning the floor, we proceeded to patch and primer the floor with Key #502 100% solids epoxy primer. The next morning, we proceeded with the self leveling slurry application utilizing Key #630 100% solids novolac epoxy as the binder. The following morning we installed the seal coat of Key #633 100% solids novolac epoxy coating. 

This system can be installed in any area requiring excellent chemical resistance. It can also be installed thicker, and with anti-skid texture for safety. 

You can view more photos of this project and many others in the Photo Gallery

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Resinous Flooring Installed at Animal Shelter

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Earlier this year we had the opportunity to install an epoxy system at a local Animal Shelter in Batavia, OH. The project consisted of about ten small rooms used to house adoptable cats.

The project included the application of 6" integral epoxy cove base. Four of the rooms were an addition to the building and the other six were existing. 

We started by preparing the new concrete by shot blasting and diamond grinding the edges. After troweling the 6" integral cove base, we then applied Key Resin Company's #635 Moisture Vapor Treatment primer. The existing rooms were sanded to prepare for coating, and then we installed the cove base.

Everything was then coated twice with Key Resin's #625 100% Solids Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating.

You can view this project, and many more in the Photo Gallery.

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New Photos of Recent Projects Uploaded

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We have recently updated the Photo Gallery with photos of recent projects that we've completed over the past six months. Below are some of the projects included in this update:

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Decorative Quartz Epoxy Flooring installed @ Campbell County High School's new concession stand and restroom building.

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring installed @ PetSuites in Columbus, OH.

Urethane Cement installed @ a Local County Jail's Kitchen.

Decorative Quartz Epoxy Flooring Installed At Mariemont Elementary School Kitchen

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Over the summer of 2012, we were awarded the contract to install the resinous flooring in the Mariemont Schools Renovation projects. Below are images from the preparation and installation of the Decorative Quartz Epoxy Flooring system for the kitchen floor on the lower level of Mariemont Elementary School.

Mariemont Elementary School Kitchen Floor

Mariemont Elementary School Kitchen Floor

Key Resin Company's KEY B-125 HP Decorative Quartz Epoxy Flooring System


We started the project by installing multiple relative humidity tests to measure for moisture in the slab. After passing tests, we proceeded with surface preparation. We start by shot blasting the floor with steel shot through a machine connected to a dust collector. Once blasted, we take hand grinders and diamond grind the edges that the blaster was unable to prepare. This particular floor had multiple areas where the concrete was replaced due to new plumbing and electrical being ran through the floor. We prepare these areas by diamond grinding the edges to ensure that they meet the existing floor level, so that they will not stand out after the floor is installed.

After surface preparation, we installed 1/8" cove termination strips at four inches high. We then proceed with troweling the cove onto the wall. After the cove has hardened, we patch the floor with Key Resin #502 100% solids epoxy primer mixed with fumed silica to thicken it. We overlay four inch fiberglass tape over the joints and large cracks to help prevent them from spreading wider. After patching, we prime the entire floor with Key Resin #502 100% solids epoxy primer. Once the primer was dry, we applied a coat of Key Resin #580 100% solids flexible epoxy as a crack isolation membrane. This will help any existing or new cracks from reflecting through the rest of the system.

The first broadcast of decorative quartz begins with a coat of Key Resin #510 100% solids epoxy binder and then broadcasting decorative quartz to refusal. In the case of Mariemont Elementary, all of the floors used Key Resin's "Storm Cloud" as the quartz color. After sweeping up all of the excess quartz and vacuuming the entire floor thoroughly, we apply a coat of Key Resin #615 100% solids chemical resistant binder and broadcast the quartz to refusal once more. Cleaning up once more, we then apply a grout coat of #615. We then finish the floor with a coat of Key Resin #450 chemical resistant urethane.

See more pictures of this project and others in the Photo Gallery.

Website Updates

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We've recently updated our website design and  some functionality. Our photo gallery has a new design. We are adding new galleries of recently completed projects regularly, so check back often!

Click on the picture below to check out the gallery of the Decorative Quartz Flooring System recently installed at Mariemont Junior High School.

Mariemont Junior High School Kitchen

Mariemont Junior High School Kitchen

New Photos Uploaded

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We've been busy completing many projects over the past few months and now we've finally uploaded them to our photo gallery.

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Decorative Quartz Flooring System Installed

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Finished floor

We recently installed a Decorative Quartz System at Road ID. The project consisted of four rest rooms, a shower room, a lunch room, a utility room and two hallways.

We started off by diamond grinding the enitre floor with 7" diamond grinders and a larger two headed diamond grinder. There was a heavy acrylic sealer on the surface which made it somewhat time consuming to prepare.

After the surface was prepped, we patched all of the major cracks, holes and imperfections in the floor with 100% Solids epoxy and Cab-o-sil. Cab-o-sil is fumed silica that when mixed with the epoxy, stiffens it to a paste that is easier to patch with.

We start the coating process with Key Resin Company's KEY #502 Clear 100% Solids Epoxy Primer. After using throw away paint brushes to coat the edges, we pour a ribbon of material on the floor and spread it with a squeegee. While the material is being spread with the squeegee, another man is backrolling the primer with an 18" roller. He is able to walk in the material by wearing short spiked aerators.

Broadcasting quartz granuales

After letting the backrolled material settle for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, we load up a modified blower that has a hopper to hold the quartz granules. By turning the blower on and slowly opening the valve, you can broadcast the quartz across the floor more evenly than chicken feeding it from a bucket. This helps the job go quicker with less fatigue.

Once the entire floor is coated and broadcast to refusal, meaning that it has enough quartz granules in the material to make it appear dry, we let it cure overnight. It is very important to broadcast the quartz evenly and sufficiently. If you do not put enough quartz on the material, wet spots will appear and eventually affect the look and consistency of the texture.

The next day we come in and sweep off the excess quartz with stiff brooms and then vacuum the rest off with a dust collector. We then proceeded to install the second broadcast coating by repeating the same steps of the first.

After both broadcast coatings are installed and cleanup up properly, we installed two coats of KEY #512 U/V Resistant Clear Epoxy. This smooths the texture of quartz and makes the surface more cleanable. You can increase or decrease the texture of the floor by installing more or fewer coats of epoxy.

The result is a beautiful seamless floor with consistent texture and appearance that will not have to be maintained nearly as often as VCT or ceramic tile would need to be. The intial cost of a project like this is more substantial than of VCT, but will make up for it in reduced maintenance costs in the long run.

You can view more photos of this project in the photo gallery.

If you are interested in having a floor like this installed, you can contact Jeremy Wesselman at 859-212-0959 for a free consultation.

Decorative Quartz Flooring Systems

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Decorative Quartz Flooring

We've recently updated the Services section to provide more information on Decorative Quartz Flooring Systems that we can install.

Quartz is just one of many decorative options when it comes to flooring. You'll see it used most in commercial kitchens, public restrooms, locker rooms and showers. It is certainly not limited to these applications.

To find out more about this system, you can contact Jeremy Wesselman at 859-212-0959.

Resinous Flooring in Erlanger, KY

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We recently were called upon to refinish a section of flooring at a facility in Erlanger, KY. Although most refinishing projects are on the simple side of this profession, this one had a few obstacles. The coating on the floor was a brown urethane put down many years ago. Although it held up fairly well, it was time for a recoat.

Surface Preparation

Diamond grinding area

To start the surface preparation, we had to address a few specific areas with the diamond grinder. The first area was at a cross section of control joints. The previous installer had poured material out into a puddle and failed to spread it evenly. To achieve a smooth profile, we ground down the area to remove the hardened lump. 

That wasn't all the diamond grinding that had to be done on this job. The owner of the facility had a section of the slab removed and then replaced with fresh concrete. When the new section was poured, the installer failed to level the edges with the rest of the floor. That resulted in a trip hazard around most of the newly poured slab. This had to be ground down.

Uneven slab ground flush

The new slab also had to be prepared with the diamond grinder to give the proper surface profile to ensure proper material adhesion. Proper adhesion can not be accomplished by sanding the concrete. Bare concrete needs to be prepared for coating in one of these ways:

  • Mechanical preparation with a shotblast machine
  • Mechanical preparation with a diamond grinder
  • Chemical preparation with an acid solution (should be a last resort) 

Primed with Key Resin #635 MVT

After using the diamond grinder to prepare the bare concrete, we removed the heavy dust with a vacuum. We then took KEY #635 MVT and mixed it with Cab-O-Sil (fumed silica) to make a stiff material to patch the saw cuts around the new slab with. We then primed the surface with KEY #635 MVT and let cure overnight.

The second day, we continued to prepare the rest of the floor. When there is already an epoxy or urethane coating on the floor, it can be prepared by sand abrading. When sanding the floor, it is pertinent to remove all of the gloss from the existing coating. This will ensure the proper adhesion of the first coat of new material.

Sand abrading the previous coating

After abrading the entire floor with 36 grit sand paper, we removed the heavy dust by vacuuming the entire floor, using the hose to vacuum out corners and edges. After the heavy dust was removed, we proceeded to tack the floor with plain water to remove any fine dust remaining on the surface. We then mixed some Cab-O-Sil with KEY #520 100% Solids Epoxy to patch the floor with.

Base Coat

It was finally time to apply the base coat. We installed a coat of KEY #520 Dark Gray 100% Solids Epoxy Coating. By installing an epoxy base coat at around 10 mils, we can hide some of the imperfections in the floor that have occurred over many years of abuse. It also helps to guarantee a strong bond between the old coating and the new urethane topcoat being installed next.

Top Coat

Top coat of Key Resin #467 Urethane

After letting the base coat cure overnight, it was now time to install the top coat. For a top coat, we used KEY #467 Dark Gray Moisture Cured Urethane. This material has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. It can be installed with fine anti-slip mixed in, but it was not called for on this project. Before the top coat was applied, we screen abraded the base coat so the two coats would bond not only chemically, but mechanically.

There are more photos of this project and many more in the photo gallery.

Services Added

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We've recently updated the website!

We have added lists of the services we currently offer. We will soon be updating each service with more detailed information to give you a better idea of what each service entails and what you can expect from us.

Services Overview

Check back soon!

Welcome to J. Wesselman Specialty Flooring

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Welcome to J. Wesselman Specialty Flooring.

Over the next week or so, we will be updating this website with great information about our company, services and recently completed projects that you will be able to browse through.

So check back often!